Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enter: sabbaticaljo

I've decided that sabbaticaljo will be my new alter ego.  For now, I've titled this blog with a parallel name "sixweekrecess" to reflect the decision I've made to ditch work entirely for six weeks.  Though I suspect I may rename it later to sabbaticaljo if the name seems to suit me.  And who am I?  I'm a 31 year old woman, entering 2011 with a new mission.  To take a break.  To figure some stuff out.  To disengage from the career that has provided me with great success, income, and most of my validation in life.

Ok, great.  So I've decided to take six weeks off.  Who wouldn't want this luxury?  But I've got a few problems - I'm not actually sure what "stuff" I need to figure out.  Or what I'm taking six weeks off for.  I would generally describe myself as happy, together, in control, organized, one who takes the bull by the horns and gets what she wants.  Type A.  ESTJ (for you Myers-Briggs fans).  But if that's all true, why this itching desire to drop all work responsibilities with no plans, no trips, no defined goal.  Who is this woman and what does she want out of life?  Enter: sabbaticaljo, my alter ego.  And who is sabbaticaljo?  This is a fundamental question I hope to find out.

Who's your alter ego?  Hasta, sabbaticaljo